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heyo friends, i'm rhobi. i'm big in arts, post apoc things, mass effect, high and low fantasy, sci fi concepts, and general cool shit that taps my fancy.

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a part of me is sad that i may never see that girl again and never get the chance to maybe GET TO KNOW HER BETTER or AT LEAST talk about VIDEO GAMES

but i mean, you really can’t have a lengthy conversation at a retail store….

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lesbians = yes

lesbians marketed towards men = NO

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i mean statistically speaking it’s more likely that she’s straight so me askin her out has a slim chance of having a good outcome

but ugh she was a sweetie

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The Miss Indian World pageant is the answer to Miss America we’ve been looking for

When Kira Kazantsev was crowned the new Miss America on Sunday night, a feeling of déjá vu set in.

Not only was she white — like all but nine of the 94 winners before her — she also fit snugly into a narrowly defined standard of Western female attractiveness: early 20s, long flowing hair and a thin, painstakingly tanned physique that would not seem out of place in a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

In many ways, the Miss Indian World pageant’s definition of what American beauty truly entails is the ideological antithesis to Miss America. Indeed, since 1984, this five-day competition based in Albuquerque, N.M., has honored Native American woman for their contributions to their communities, not their bikini bodies. The top award is given to the contestant who “best represents her culture,” according to Al Jazeera.

Why this pageant is world’s better 

there was a super cute girl at work today who had a legend of zelda phone case and an nes controller on her wallet and i was like

oh i hope u come back……………

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How to Plant a Beautiful Garden 

“don’t noot ur snoot at me, lil lady”


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y o u ’ r e  g o i n g  d o w n
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start a petition to make cassie stop saying ‘moist’ to me

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i need more 18-20something year old ladies to show up at work more cause they make my day

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