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heyo friends, i'm rhobi. i'm big in arts, post apoc things, mass effect, high and low fantasy, sci fi concepts, and general cool shit that taps my fancy.

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me when straight girls


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This back piece done by Sabastian Zmijewski of Poland.
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tatoo art

i magically have borderlands dlc

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i keep on forgetting the usb port for my ps3 is called a ‘DONGLE’

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today’s a ‘i’m gonna play borderlands until i have to go to work’ kind of day

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when u make a joke only u and ur friend get


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iiii forgot to show that this is one of the things i’ve been working on recently im trying to put together a personal comic, this one called “familiar” but i’ mreally trying hard this time to put as much work + detail into it as i can before i start since that seems to have been my problem beforehand. anyhow here’s a lineup of a few of the characters (there’s a pretty big cast rip) 

if you’re a dreamy alien girl

call me

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