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heyo friends, i'm rhobi. i'm big in arts, post apoc things, mass effect, high and low fantasy, sci fi concepts, and general cool shit that taps my fancy.

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i am still on the hunt for a solid part time job, though many of my applications still have yet to get responses. SO i thought it good to update my commission info! got some tasty new things for all of you.

personal situation still the same: no more college, currently saving up for the next year to get an apartment so i don’t mooch off of my mother’s hard-earned savings.


  • i will do fancharacters and fanart of any franchise
  • i WILL do smut, but there are some guidelines for that (just ask me and we can clear that up)
  • no high violence, no degrading of any group of people, no shaming. you get the drill.
  • depending on the size/detail of extra characters (such as pets), prices can be negotiable

send me an ask or email me at sensiblespright@yahoo.com. my paypal is under the same email.

signal boosts appreciated!


Shopping for clothes when you have big boobs is normally really annoying esp when you like drapey things or want something that cinches at the waist cause you always get stuff like this


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it’s cause i got larger bazongas and any bra except like THE ONE MORE EXPENSIVE ONE I HAVE just make me uncomfortable

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sports bras are my best friendsies

oh trust me i wear sports bras with EVERYTHING, but i’m so free flowing that even they’re kinda like SQUIRMY WORMY

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i’m always reminded how much i don’t like to wear bras until i’m forced to wear one for job purposes

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That’s seriously the news?! Like we have: “OUR COUNTRY’S FUCKIN’ FLOODED! A PLANE WITH 300 PEOPLE WAS SHOT DOWN AND WE STILL CAN’T GET TO THE CRASH SITE! And: ECONOMY IS SHIT (again).” Also: Shit! It was VENOMOUS! I fucked up! Fucked up! SHIT! :S


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Yeah they shy as fuck, but still bites happen occasionally and I’m just glad we don’t have hella poisonous spiders over here.

USUALLY from what i’ve recently read, brown recluse bites cause IRRITATION in minor cases and DESTROYS LIVING CELLS in extreme cases

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Breaking news, american person afraid of poisonous thing. More at 11.

follow our other news stories:

Person Nearly Drowned in Ocean, Now Afraid of Water

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Aren’t brown recluses poisonous???

YEAH LIKE CAN LAND YOU IN THE HOSPITAL POISONOUS i think it’s safe to say everyone’s kinda WARY of em

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i just read a news story called “Tennessee Teen, Once Bitten, Now Scared of Brown Recluse Spiders”

first of all what the hell kind of news story is that

second of all isn’t nearly everyone afraid of brown recluse spiders

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